Ustadh Alomgir visits Luton

Al-Jalal Masjid located in Luton invited Ustadh Alomgir Ali to deliver a lecture on the importance of seeking knowledge. The ustadh spoke about the state man is born in, an ignorant state and how it is upon each individual for them to remove this state of ignorance, a state of jahal by seeking knowledge. The Ustadh went further to discuss the virtues of seeking knowledge and what ones intention should be for seeking knowledge. An example of the intention he gave was how you should intend to seek to remove ignorance from yourself and others. An important point the ustadh mentioned were the reasons why one should seek knowledge. Some of them were, to get to know your lord, Allah azzawajal and how one should know how to worship his lord.

The recording of the lecture can be found below:

If you wish to hear more of the ustadh’s lectures, the Ustadh will be delivering the Khutbah on Friday 1st November 2013 at Masjid Bilal, 295-297 Barking Road, East Ham