Shaykh Haitham and Shaykh Farid return from Hajj

Alhumdulillah, once again, Allah azzawajal permitted Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad & Shaykh Farid Haibatan to perform Hajj again with Amaana Tours. They were the main guides for the group from Amaana Tours. The Shuyookh spent just over a fortnight in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they were delivering lectures on a daily basis. The Shuyookh also took the time to meet some of the scholars from around the world who also came to perform Hajj. Shaykh Haitham delivered lectures at other Hajj groups from the UK. Shaykh Haitham also delivered a lecture at  Madinah University, and the King Fahd Medical Complex in Madinah.

Shaykh Haitham also had the opportunity to visit Riyadh where he met a number of scholars and academics to sight the starting of Fajr in the desert just outside Riyadh

Below are some of the lectures he delivered and a brief summary;


Glorification of Allah during Hajj and how it is the basis for Hajj and Ibaadah in general. The misconception about the relationship between the rights of Allah and a human’s rights.

The importance of the remembrance of Allah during Hajj in specific and life in general. The lecture addressed the fact that the remembrance of Allah is not just remembering him by name , rather it is a bigger concept.

The importance of Dua during Hajj and in general. The lecture highlighted the role that dua takes place within a person’s life, the meaning of dua being accepted, the times for dua to be accepted and the etiquettes of dua.

The virtue of the day of Arafat.

The lecture delivered at the University of Madinah was on developing the correct juristic mindset. The lecture included some of the rare cases that occur in the west and how one should acknowledge such cases. Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury also participated in the lecture and provided some important advice.