Peterborough invites Shaykh Haitham

Shaykh Haitham was invited to deliver the Friday khutbah on Friday 15 Nov 2013 at Masjid Khadijah which is one of the main mosques that can be found in the city of Peterborough. The masjid is amongst one of the many masjids that are affiliated with UK Islamic Mission (UKIM). In the Khutbah, the shaykh spoke about the importance of knowledge in general. Especially in the UK. Shaykh Haitham provided some real life scenarios and examples of what ignorance may lead to. The shaykh along with some brothers from the Masjid visited the neighbouring masjids within the city

After the Shaykh’s visit to Peterborough, he was invited by the chairman of a newly built masjid to open the masjid when it became fully ready. This newly built masjid is located in Kettering Town, a small town located in Northamptonshire. However due to the Shaykh’s unavailability, the Shaykh offered to visit the masjid and deliver a lecture after Isha. The lecture was on the First speech of the Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) arrival in Madinah. After the conclusion of the lecture, a Question and Answer session occurred followed by a dinner with the committee members.