He was the greatest and most profound man to ever set foot on Earth. Muhammad, al-Mustafa, is to Muslims their beloved, their guide, their teacher, their example. And yet since the beginning of his Prophethood the enemies of Islam have sought to malign and destroy his character through the spread of lies, confusion and fear.

Today, we see this manifested in this Godless world with attacks on his honour, his character and his achievements. This despite the fact that so many Non-Muslim historians have testified to the greatness, exemplary character and uniqueness that has left an indelible mark on many millions of lives.

In recent years, the attack on our beloved Prophet has intensified and due to the large spread ignorance of the life of this Great Prophet, prejudice and fear has grown relentlessly towards him and Islam.

Here at the Muslim Research and Development Foundation we realised that more is actually known about Muhammad’s life than that of the founder of any other major faith, yet his story is frequently misunderstood and even deliberately distorted.

It became our ambition and our drive to restore justice and integrity to the representation of the Final Prophet and so a number of years ago we embarked on developing a product which would bring to life the character and personality of the Prophet, salalalhu alayhe wa salam in an unprecedented way. And so our flagship App was borne – Prophetic Timeline…

Watch the video above and see a sample of the work on the Prophetic Timeline website…