On Your Marks, Get Set, GO

Here at MRDF we are always trying to help the community, however more importantly it is important that the Brothers and Sisters who are working constantly to take a break too otherwise they will drain themselves out. MRDF decided that the MRDF Family who help MRDF need a break, and with a kind donation from a brother, they were gifted with a go-karting experience. The MRDF family took a day out and got together at the Go-Karting venue and experienced 45 laps around the race track. In the end, one of the Trustees of MRDF came top, Brother Jamil Rashid received the Best Lap Time and got the Number 1 position on the podium. This experience was also a great way of bonding with each other and to increase the motivation for them. We ask Allah azzawajal to protect the work of MRDF and to protect  and preserve those who are wishing  good for the community and to keep the MRDF family sincere in all their work. Ameen