MRDF Hosts 2nd Family Retreat

It Was BETTER Than The 1st – mashaAllah – 

On the 5th January 2013 MRDF announced the 2nd Family Retreat to take place on Bank Holiday Easter Weekend. Following the previous Family Retreat, The King of Kings – Allah azzawajal, MRDF thought what could be better than to follow up this Family Retreat with the best of mankind, Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him). Thus the Family Retreat took place over the Bank Holiday Easter Weekend at the University of Nottingham. With over 1500 attendees during the 4 day break, they immersed themselves with lectures, seminars, activities, congregational prayers, tahajjud, special reminders, heart melting Qur’an recitation, exclusive Q&A sessions with different Shuyookh and a unique structured programme for the children and youth. Many International speakers attended our event along with international reciters. Amongst our speakers we had Shaykh Kamal El-Makki (Canada), Shaykh Muhammad Salah (Egypt), Qari Rida Abdul Muhsin (Egypt), Yusha Evans (US) It was an exceptional experience for the organisers and the attendees. inshaAllah next year we will follow the successful series of Family Retreat with our next topic on the Qur’an.