departure from the Foundation

In today’s ever so politicised climate it is getting ever difficult for charities to manage and administer projects within the framework and parameters upon which they are established and operate. The Muslim Research & Development Foundation has since its inception worked unswervingly at operating within its objects as a charity whilst providing the public with beneficial guidance, direction and support.
As with all charities the Foundation has a duty of care towards its beneficiaries, the wider public, its volunteers , staff and most importantly to its aims & objectives as a charitable organisation.
Within the above in mind, it is with great sadness that MRDF is announcing the departure of website from its portfolio of projects. has benefitted & guided thousands of people both in the UK and throughout the world with guidance and information that has provided support and strength in very difficult times. has established itself as a recognised and respected source of knowledge on Islam & Muslims living in the UK and Europe. It tackles pertinent and sometimes hard topics in order to provide real direction and guidance at a time when Muslims in the UK are under the most severest of pressures from a plethora of aggressors.
We are happy to say that is going to carry on independently but under new ownership. We will however, whenever possible, providing we have the capacity, forward content in order to further our charitable objectives.
We ask Allah (swt) to bless and guide all those who have contributed to’s success throughout the years.
Thank You
Shaykh Farid Haibatan

Muslim Research & Development Foundation.