Eid Mubarak! Plus some GREAT news!

Eid Mubarak! It has been announced that the day of Eid al-Fitr will be Monday 28th July 2014. On behalf of everyone at MRDF we would like to wish everyone a happy Eid and we ask Allah to accept all of your fasting and praying during the month of Ramadan.

Don’t let the Qur’an fade away this Summer!

This atmosphere of Ramadan where the air waves were filled with the beautiful recitation of al-Qur’an was an inspiring one for many if not all of us. So, why not let the inspiration continue and book our Summer Bank Holiday KEY Family event – Family Retreat III – Dedicated to the Noble Qur’an.

With Inspiring Lectures, Seminars & Panel Discussions for the Parents
With Fun, Wholesome Activities for the Children
Beautiful Recitation in the Night Prayers

Let this Summer be the foundation to your Family’s Quranic development and attachment.

Oh and GREAT NEWS – The venue just found us 25 MORE ENSUITE ROOMS – Grab them now, First Come, First Serve ONLY!