Condolences to Shaykh Riyadh Ul Haq

Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad and the entire Muslim Research and Development Foundation would like to extend their sincerest felt condolences to Shaikh Riyadh Ul Haq (and his family) whose father, Moulana Muhammad Gora sahib a well known Imam and leader for the community in Leicester  passed on to his Lord. We beseech Allah to expand his grave, shower His infinite mercy upon him, to forgive his sins and grant his family patience. We also ask Allah to make this difficult time an expiation for sins and the raising of rank in the sight of our Lord.

Shaykh Haitham along with the Trustees travelled to Leicester to visit Shaykh Riyadh Ul Haq and to pay their condolences just after his father passed away on Friday evening. They spent some time with Shaykh Riyadh Ul Haq and Shaykh Haitham offered words of condolences to him. Shaykh Riyadh narrated some amazing stories regarding his father, may Allah have mercy on him.

For those who do not know, Shaykh Riyadh Ul Haq is a well established da’ee based in Leicester, UK, who has dedicated much of his life and efforts to teaching both the young and old about their faith. He has been a leading figure in providing tarbeyyah to the young and old and we ask Allah to reward him and keep him steadfast.

Thousands attended the Funeral Prayer of Moulana Muhammad Gora Sahib